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Tuesday Night’R(un) Vancouver

Our inaugural Tuesday Night’R(un) in Vancouver is going down tomorrow evening – May 17th. We love running in Vancouver and want to share that love with the Vancouver running community. No matter what distance your training for, from mile to marathon and beyond, come join us.09.28.2014-2 For our first group run we want to show off the little known or often forgotten Stanley Park trails. (No not the seawall, the trails!) Plus we will have some give aways from some of our great sponsors including ‪#‎clifbars‬ @eatprima bars and @northstarfans sports drink. We might even have a few other things up our sleeves. 

Run details; 6pm from outside the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (VAC). We’ve mapped out 7.5k & 9.5k routes. They are linked below. 1.5k (I lied it’s more like 2k!) trot from the VAC to the trail entry – just behind 2nd beach concession.

Everyone is welcome. We will not be running Olympian pace. This is meant to be a fun, social run. Any pace slower than 4:30/k is a go. We will guide you through the trails, no man or woman left behind.

If you need to stash gear we will make that happen for you. Washrooms inside the VAC and at nearest concession stand if you need such pre-run facilities. Any questions hit us up before Tuesday. Please spread the word and we look forward to seeing you out there.
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9.5k Route;

7.5k Route;


Running Surfaces



What surface should I be running on?
This is a question we get asked a lot. There is no simple answer and the research isn’t conclusive. But a few things to keep in mind.
  1. Specificity – consider the race your are preferring for and try to do at least 20% of your running each week on that specific surface. If you are preparing for a marathon on the roads, it probably makes sense to try to do at least one high intensity workout and one long run each week on the roads. By being specific your body will become more efficient at running on that surface. And mentally the familiarity of the surface can give you an edge as well.
  2. Recovery – on the flip side of making sure your body adapts to running on the specific surface you will race on is getting your body to recover optimally from one day to the next. The best surface for that is likely a soft surface trail. Although the studies don’t actual show better recovery rates or lower injury rates, we’ve noticed throughout our running careers that being able to log a lot of easy running on soft surface helps us to recover quicker day to day.

Rob Watson

IMG_0437Ladies & Gents please give a big huge welcome to the latest and (quite possibly) greatest member of our coaching staff – The Rob Watson @rwatson26point2 We are pumped to have him as big member of our coaching team moving forward. He’s already helped sculpt some of you into the fine running specimens you are. But there is more work to be done for Coach Rob, both with online coaching and on the local Vancouver running scene.

“I have been coaching with m2m for a few months now, and it has truly been awesome….It is pretty rad that I can utilize my running experience to help guide fellow runners as they strive to achieve their own goals. Be it to complete their first 10km or race the Boston Marathon I get a kick out of working with these hardworking and dedicated athletes.”

Rob’s accolades as one of Canada’s finest marathon runners don’t need repeating. But, we will list just a few for you. He has a PB of 2:13:29, has run sub 2:20 on 10 occasions, and led the race at 2013 Boston marathon for a long time (before succumbing to the tortuous hills and finishing an impressive 11th overall).
When Rob isn’t training to hit 20 marathons under 2:20 or coaching he can be found taking long walks on the beach with his girlfriend Gen or drinking the bounty of wonderful craft beer that Vancouver has to offer.

If you are interested in working with Rob give us a shout.

Mile2Marathon Newsletter – Dec 5

Happy Friday Folks!


Tomorrow, at our weekly practice we will be doing a 3km TT.  For anybody who does not regularly show up to these practices, feel free to come and join, as the more bodies we have in this TT the better the competition!

A Reminder to all Ottawa based M2M’ers, with the weather now well below the freezing mark we will be moving indoors this coming Saturday at the Louis Riel dome.  Practice will still start at 7:30 AM. Our weekly practices are free to join, however, there is an entry fee of $9 to the dome.  Wednesday morning practices have now ended, and will start back up in the spring.



Kyle Fraser had a race of firsts in Calgary on November 22nd. His first cross country race, first race at high altitude, first race in snow, and to top it off he came first in the 4km. Congrats Kyle.

Dan MacDonald toed the line at the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 22. He had a tough day out there but still came through with a 1:18 performance. Dan now has a little downtime before setting his sights on Boston 2015.


The Canadian Cross Country championships took place this past weekend at Jericho Beach in Vancouver.  With snow on the ground and muddy conditions throughout the course, the best XC runners in the nation took part and produced some thrilling finishes.

In the women’s race, Rachel Hannah, representing the University of Toronto T.C continued her dominant 2014, winning by a margin of 18 seconds.  Hannah, who has been on the elite scene for a few years now, has really found her stride in 2014, winning several high caliber races including the Mayor’s Cup Cross Country invitational last month, defeating 2013 NCAA champion Abbey D’Agostino.

Finishing 2nd to Hannah was former University of Guelph standout Rachel Cliff.  Cliff, who now resides in Vancouver, had a lot to celebrate after her finish, as her fiancé Chris Winter, and local favourite, also hit the podium in the men’s race.

Winter, who was the runner up at last year’s National Championships, won a thrilling battle with Kelly Wiebe the Swift Current native, and former CIS XC champion.   This race was certainly the most thrilling of the day, as the race came down to the final meters, with Winter winning in the sprint.



This week’s recommended link comes from one of the most impressive running results in the world this week.

The World Beer Mile championships took place this past weekend, and Canada rocked it!  In the men’s race, Canadians placed 1st and 3rd overall.  This should be no surprise to Canadians though, as we invented the sport (It’s birthplace is Kingston, ON).

However what is most impressive, is that the winner, and Winnipeg native, Corey Gallagher ran 5:00.27 for the mile, just 3 seconds shy of the world record.  You heard that right; a 5 minute mile, with 4 stops to drink 4 beers; incredible.

Also in this race was former Canadian and World Record Holder Jim Finlayson.  Although the former king of the beer mile placed 3rd overall, his time of 5:21 set a new masters world record, as Jim is 42 years old!

Canada did no fare as well on the women’s side, however Kristy Smith of BC was 7th overall in a time of 6:48.  We think that M2M’r Danelle Woods should have taken part, as, if memory serves us correctly (as our memories are a bit foggy for some reason from this time), she ran a sub 7 when she was in high school.

If you want to see both the men’s and women’s race you can click here on the link below:


TRAINING TIP – Hitting the Foam Roller

Over the past few weeks, coach Mike has been recommending that his athletes hit the foam roller.  This is nothing new, however Mike, himself has been foam rolling far more than he has in the past, and the increased flexibility, range of motion, and recovery from his foam rolling sessions has been notable.

Mike is not alone in his improvement of range in motion and recovery due to this foam cylinder. Several research papers over the past few years have identified that foam rolling can not only increase range of motion and flexibility but in some cases be more effective than the classic static stretches recommended in days of yore.

This link below demonstrates some key ways to maximize the use of a foam roller:

Stay Warm & Stride Smooth,


Mile2Marathon Newsletter – November 21

To all of our M2M athletes, we now require that you fill out our waiver form in order to take part in any future M2M practices, or training plans. Attached to this email is the M2M waiver. Please read it over, sign, and send it to us at

A Reminder to all Ottawa based M2M’ers, with the weather now well below the freezing mark we will be moving indoors this coming Saturday at the Louis Riel dome. Practice will still start at 7:30 AM. Our weekly practices are free to join, however, there is an entry fee of $7 to the dome. Wednesday morning practices have now ended, and will start back up in the spring.

A reminder to all those considering doing the Ottawa Race Weekend next year, registration is now open. If it is like any of the previous years, this race sells out very fast. So make sure to register ASAP.


Sarah Cuff took to the scenic roads of coastal California for the Revel Canyon City Marathon on November 15th. Pacing herself well on the downhill first half, Sarah managed to keep it all together and run away with a PB of 3:30:31, for second in her age group.

Garrett de Jong finished off a very impressive fall campaign with a 13th place showing at the 2014 Ontario Provincial Cross Country Championships in Niagara Falls.

David Han ran his first race in several months at the Vancouver Fall Classic Half marathon on November 16th. David crossed the line in 1:34:21, good for 44th overall and proof of the fitness he has gained from a strong fall of base building.

The big news in the Track & Field world from the past two weeks was the announcement by the IAAF that the World Track & Field Championships for 2019 were awarded to Doha, Qatar. This announcement raised a lot of speculation that, like many other things in the world, for the IAAF this was “all about the Benjamin’s”. Conditions in Doha for the championships will be oppressive, there is even talk of the Stadium being air conditioned for the competition. And, it’s unlikely the Championship will be well attended to by fans of the sport, as it is very expensive to travel to Doha, and there is not a base of fans in the city or country. Further, Eugene, OR was in the running to host the Championships. A city that calls itself “Track town USA” would have been a good fit, in the eyes of many true track and field fans, us included.

The NCAA DI Cross Country Championships will be held this weekend in Terre Haute, IN. Arguably the most competitive cross country race for men and women 18-23yrs of age in the world, we can expect exciting action. One the men’s side the University of Colorado Buffaloes are the big favourites to take the team victory and Edward Cheserek of University of Oregon looks to defend his individual title. On the women’s side Michigan State are the favourites for the team title, while the individual title appears to be a wide open race!

RECOMMENDED LINK – The Rob Watson show

If you’re into podcasts, you should check out this new show featuring Rob Watson – one of Canada’s top marathoners, a 2:13 PB and 20th place finish at the 2013 World Championships. Rob is a charismatic guy and is joined on the show by his long time friend, and reluctant runner, Eric Spence. They talk about all things running, including what it’s like for a newbie runner to train for a 10k. Coach Dylan makes a guest appearance in the second episode, as he will be coaching Eric as he attempts to complete a 10k race this spring.

Have a listen here:

TRAINING TIP – Introducing other activities

For many of us across the country, the first snow has fallen (except for those smart few living in Vancouver ). This is often a time of the year that we look out the window at the nasty weather and lack of daylight and search our souls for the motivation to get in the scheduled training. Maybe you find yourself ducking out of a session or two here and there. Or perhaps you find yourself looking for some alternative to grinding out your run training 7 days per week, when we get to this time of year. Well, this is a good time of year to think about adding some different training elements into your schedule. A few activities that might be of interest:

Indoor cycling classes
Strength Training/Weight Lifting
Cross Country skiing

These activities, along with many others, can be a great compliment to your usual run training. In many instances they can even replace some of your usual run training. So, don’t be afraid to say “Hey Coach, I don’t think I can run 7 days per week in this snow and cold. Is there some other activity I can include to mix things up a little?”. First, we will tell you that you’re a wimp. But, then we will do our best to help make some space in your program for some new activities.

Stay Warm & Stride Smooth,

Mile2Marathon Newsletter Nov. 7th

Happy Friday Folks!


For those in the Ottawa area, with snow in the forecast, we will be moving indoors starting November 21st.  A reminder that our weekly practices are now free to join, however, once we move indoors, there is an entry fee of $7.

A reminder to all those considering doing the Ottawa Race Weekend next year, registration opened today.  If it is like any of the previous years, this race sells out very fast.  So make sure to register ASAP.


Vicar Li continued his streak of personal bests by crossing the line
at the Rock n Roll Vancouver 1/2 marathon in a time of 1:23:39. That
was good for 41st overall in a field of over 6500 participants. Also
in Vancouver, one of our newest members, Sarah Cuff ran a controlled
race finishing in 1:41:24. Congrats to both a Vicar and Sarah.

Kyle Fraser finished his first 10km in 40:52, good for 13th overall at
the Kingston a Anniversary Run on Nov 2. Kyle also laced up his racing
shoes at the Sydenham trail run the previous weekend, finishing in a
time of 32:52. Both great results, considering they were Kyles first
races at the 10 & 8k distance!

Mark Kerr to the streets of Hamilton, ON on Sunday November 2 for the
Road2Hope marathon. Putting in a great effort Mark ran 3:31:25. It
wasn’t quite the PB performance he was looking for. But there’s way
more in the tank and a Mark will be working towards that elusive BQ in
the future.

In Ottawa, Sue Schlatter had a great run at the Cookie Run 5k. She
battled hard for top female honours finishing second in 18:45. We’re
excited to see more from Sue in the spring racing season!

The biggest result from these past two weeks though, had to have come from our very own M2M coach Dylan Wykes and his wife Francine.  This past Saturday, Francine gave birth to a baby girl; Sasha Rena Darroch-Wykes.  Big congrats to Francine and Dylan!


This past weekend featured some big results from across the globe.  The biggest of these results came out of New York City, where the New York City Marathon saw the world record for the most finishers of a marathon in one race.  Arguably the most popular, and biggest marathon in the world, this year saw an astounding 50,564 runners cross the line.  What is even more impressive is that of those that started this race, 99.4% finished.

Of these finishers, Wilson Kipsang, despite losing his world record several weeks earlier to countryman Dennis Kimetto, proved that he is still the best marathoner in the world.  Kipsang managed to hold off strong winds, and an even stronger field to cross the line first in an exciting finish over Ethiopia’s Lelisa Desisa.  In winning this race, Kipsang not only won his second Major marathon this past season, but also the World Marathon Major’s title, earning him a nice $500,000 bonus.

On the women’s side, the biggest news to come out of New York was not concerning the eventual race winner Mary Keitany’s impressive performance, but from a runner scheduled to be in New York that never showed.   Rita Jeptoo, who, after winning the 2014 Chicago Marathon, was scheduled to be in New York to receive her $500,000 bonus for capturing the World Marathon Major’s female title, was absent, as in the days before the New York Marathon, it was released that Jeptoo’s A urine sample, taken prior to the Chicago Marathon, tested positive for the presence of EPO.

Officials are now in the process of analyzing Jeptoo’s B sample, but if the Kenyan is found to be guilty, this would mean that one of the biggest names in the sport, and most dominant females in the discipline over the past few years, had achieved her late success through the use of performance enhancing substances.  This would be a very tough situation for the World Marathon Majors as even with the positive test, and nullification of Jeptoo’s points from the Chicago marathon, Jeptoo would still lead the the classification due to her other wins over the past calendar year, and the World Marathon Majors may still be forced to pay her the $500,000 bonus.

RECOMMENDED LINK –  The Post Marathon Walk
Want to spend some time reliving those awful steps post marathon?  Or are you interested in tackling the marathon for the first time?  This video below may make you think twice about attempting the distance.
Watch and have a good laugh:
In high school, coach Mike read a book called ‘Once a Runner.’  Although this book is a great read, there was a section where the protagonist gets out of bed and throws his shoes on, sans-socks, and goes for a run.  This depiction of the simplicity and beauty of the sport, influenced Mike big time, and he would go on to run without socks in many of his races, and training runs.  However, this may have been one of the contributing factors to his many stress fractures later in his running career.
Running without socks, especially with a foot that has been shod for the majority of it’s life, is risky, and in Mike’s case resulted in terrible blisters, which would go on to change his gate, and in turn result in a bad stress-fracture to his navicular bone.
We are not saying that running without socks will give you stress fractures, however, socks, although often underrated, can play a considerable role in your comfort and performance on a run.
Having a number of adequate running  socks is something that we heavily recommend, and having both worked at running stores for numerous years, we have been very impressed with the range of technologies, and materials that have gone into creating proper socks.
Here are a facts and tips concerning good technical socks:
-Moisture wicking socks will prolong the life of your shoes, keep your feet warmer in the winter, dryer in the summer, and dramatically reduce odours.
A technical sock is far less abrasive than a standard cotton sock, resulting in less friction (less blisters) and degradation of the material in your running shoes.  Also, since cotton socks hold on to moisture at a much higher rate than a technical running sock, a technical sock will result in better temperature moderation and odour control.
-Get both warm and cold weather socks
Now with the numerous technologies out there, the textile industry is pretty phenomenal, and socks have not been immune to these technological advances.
Mizuno for example (Dylan’s current sponsor) makes socks that when made moist, actually heat up; something very useful on those slushy long runs along the canal.
– Wool is still relevant
Even with all of these technological advancements, merino wool is still one of the best materials out here when it comes to socks.  From temperature control, to durability, merino wool socks are still some of Mike’s favourites, and something he regularly keeps in rotation on both the bike and the run, particularly during the winter months.

Mile2Marathon Newsletter – October 25th

Here’s the latest instalment of our Newsletter, Enjoy!


For those in the Ottawa area, we have changed locations for our practices. Both Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM will be held at the Arboretum. Our weekly practices are now free to join, so come out and bring a pal!
A reminder to all those considering doing the Ottawa Race Weekend next year, registration opened today. If it is like any of the previous years, this race sells out very fast. So make sure to register ASAP.


Kyle Fraser notched his first ever road racing victory in the Ottawa Beat Beethoven 4km race on October 11th. He then capped of his triple header of 3 races in 4 days with a strong finish of 20:32 (for a long 5km) at the Fall Colours races.

Patrick Wong made the trek to the mid-west for the Chicago Marathon. In his second attempt at the distance, Patrick improved by 40 minutes and dipped under the 5 hour barrier. Congrats Patrick!

Out on the east coast, Dan MacDonald finished on the podium in the Tea Turkey 10km in St. John’s. Crossing the line with a time of 33:22 in typical windy and wet conditions, was good enough for 3rd overall.

On the West Coast, one of our newest M2M’r Sarah Cuff participated in the BMO Okanagan 10km, finishing in 47:24, good for 1st in her age group.

This past weekend there were a few M2M’rs in action at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront races. In the half-marathon, Leah Sherriff, made a strong and strategic return to racing from a recent injury scare with her 1:29:41 finish. In his first attempt at the half marathon distance, Garrett de Jong placed 6th overall at the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, and crossed the line with a a time of 1:10:16. Not bad for a debut!

Lindy Ledohowski took part in her first race since recovering from a stress-fracture, and had a strong showing. Despite cold and windy conditions, Lindy crossed the line in a time of 27:20 at the Blackburn Hamlet Cancer Chase 5km.


Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in a South African jail for the murder of his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius, is a multiple time Paralympic medalist and Olympian, nicknamed the blade runner for his prosthetic legs used in track competitions. His murder trial has made headlines across the world. Reactions to his sentencing have been various, and he is likely to spend only 10 months behind bars, with the rest of sentence being served while under house arrest. In the wake of his sentencing it has been announced by the International Paralympic committee that Pistorius will be banned from competing in the 2016 Rio Paralympics, even if he is let out of jail before then.

In other news a hotly contested Chicago marathon took place on October 12th. Fantastic battles ensued in both the men’s and women’s races. Rita Jeptoo came out on top in the women’s race and showed she is a true force to be reckoned with. This was her 4th straight victory in World Marathon Major events and secured her the prize of Marathon Majors champ – which is accompanied by a healthy $500,000 pay check. In the men’s race, Eluid Kipchoge of Kenya got the better of Ethiopia’s 5,000m and 10,000m World Record holder Kenenisa Bekele and the rest of the strong international field. With a 23rd mile split of 4:33(!), Kipchoge disposed of his competition and sailed to victory in an impressive 2:04:11!

Closer to home, the IAAF Silver labeled Toronto Waterfront Marathon took place on October 19th. Several top internationals as well as Canada’s top male and female marathoners took to the streets of Toronto. Both the men’s and women’s Canadian records (2:10:09 for men and 2:28:00 for women) were under threat for much of the cool morning. Eric Gillis passed through halfway in 1:04:47 and looked poised to take down the 39 year old record of Jerome Drayton. But, he succumbed to less than ideal conditions over the final 8km and had to settle for a new PB of 2:11:22. On the women’s side, Lanni Marachant of London, ON attacked her own Canadian record, hitting the half way mark at under 1 hour 13 minutes. This ambitious early running came back to bite her, in the calf as it would turn out, as she was crippled by calf cramps, and slowed to a finish time of 2:31:06.

RECOMMENDED LINK – The Film – Transcend, the story of Boston Marathon Champion Wesley Korir

It was released at the 2014 Chicago marathon and is now available for download and purchase. We highly recommend you check it out this film, which tells the tale of Wesley Korir, who has won several top marathons, including the Boston Marathon, started charities in his home country of Kenya, and is now involved in politics in Kenya. Wesley and the film have many Canadian connections. His wife is from Southwestern Ontario and the filmmakers are from the area as well.

TRAINING TIP – Hitting that Tempo Run

The tempo run is an important part of most of your training programs. Technically, tempo runs are done to help increase your Lactate Threshold. In turn they help develop your strength and increase your stamina. You need these components to complete other workouts. Whether you’re training for the mile or the marathon, or something in between the tempo run has a plan in pretty much any training program. But, executing a tempo run properly can be difficult. Most people go too hard. But, you really don’t have to kill yourself. For most people a tempo run is done at a pace that you could hold for a 60 minute race and there is done at a HR above 80%, usually 85-90%. So, how do you figure out what pace that is in minutes/kilometer or minutes/mile?

There are a number or ways to help you figure out your true Tempo pace:

1) Lactate Threshold testing : This is the cadillac of all ways to figure out your true lactate threshold. But, it’s going to involve linking up with a exercise physiologist in a lab setting; a costly endeavour. Some people feel it’s worth the investment, but we feel there are other ways to determine your tempo running pace.

2) Gadgets: There are some sports watches available that somehow give you a reading of your lactate threshold. We don’t have a lot of experience with these gadgets, but can’t imagine they are very accurate.

3) Convert a recent race time: This is probably our most frequently used and recommended method of helping you determine your tempo running pace. We’ve left a lot of the dirty work to the kind people at this website: Here you can enter a time from a recent race and it will spit out all sorts of information for you. In the right hand column is a section with a big T, that includes times for 1000m and 1 mile. These are good recommendations, adapted from coaching guru Jack Daniels tried and true Training Tables.

4) The talk test: When Dylan was in University his coach would supervise the teams tempo runs and gauge effort by asking the athletes questions while in the middle of the workout. The athletes ability to respond was a way the coach, Ray Treacy, measured whether or not the athlete was going too hard. You should be at a level of exertion during a tempo run that you can still speak, at least a few words, to your coach or running partner. If you’re breathing so hard that you can’t string together a sentence, you’re likely going too hard.

5) Time to return to recovered state: Tempo runs are meant to be ‘comfortably hard’. At the end of a tempo run you should not have the desire to lay on your back for an hour. You shouldn’t even have the desire to put your hands on your knees for more than few seconds to help you recover. Instead you should complete a tempo run feeling like you worked hard and pushed yourself, but are not completely shattered afterwards. Further to that, a tempo run is a workout that should not leave you feeling fatigued for several days afterwards. If you feel like you’re really tired and having trouble completing your easy run the day following a tempo run, it’s likely a sign that you went too hard during the tempo.

There are many other strategies to help you nail down that tempo pace. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about getting the most out of yourself on these all important workouts.

Weekly Newsletter – October 10th

Happy Friday Folks!
For those in the Ottawa area, M2M has officially opened its practices, free of charge. Our weekly practices are now free to join, so come out and bring a pal! Mike will be out of town for the next two weeks, but if you haven’t already, feel free to come out and join the group at 7:30 AM Wednesdays and Saturdays at Mooney’s Bay.
A reminder to all those considering doing the Ottawa Race Weekend next year, registration opened today. If it is like any of the previous years, this race sells out very fast. So make sure to register ASAP.


One of your newest M2M’rs Kyle Fraser had a great run at the Wellness Challenge in Ottawa. He ran a big 5km PB of 19:26 for 31st overall in the race!

Garrett de Jong netted his first win of the cross country season. In running 25:47 for the 8km course in Canton, NY. de Jong took the top spot at the St. Lawrence University Hoffman Invite.


From an international running perspective, yes there were results over this past weekend, however all of them pale in comparison to what Dennis Kimetto accomplished this past weekend in Berlin. Kimetto, the current course record holder of the Chicago Marathon, came into the Berlin Marathon, with an impressive personal best of 2:03:45, however Kimetto quickly sought to better this personal best, passing the half-marathon mark in 1:01:45. What Kimetto would go on to do in the 2nd half was truly remarkable. In running 1:01:12 for the last half of the Berlin Marathon, the Kenyan native would smash the current world record, and make him the first man to ever run faster than 2:03 for the marathon.

This is good news for pundits and fans alike, as the previous world record of 2:03:27 was not the fastest marathon ever run. Geoffrey Mutai held the title of the fastest marathon ever run (2:03:02), however because it was run at the Boston Marathon (a point to point and net downhill course) it could not be ratified as a world record.

Through running not a kilometre slower than 3:01 (his fastest was 2:46) Kimetto can now say indisputably that he is the fastest marathoner on the planet.

Interestingly though, Kimetto’s record may be short lived, as arguably the greatest distance runner of all time, Kenenisa Bekele, will be making his second start in the 42.2km distance at this weekend’s Chicago marathon. The current world record holder in both the 5km and 10km, had a very successful debut last spring in Paris. Running a time of 2:05.03 on a much slower course, Bekele smashed the previous record, and looks poised to continue his world record setting ways.
RECOMMENDED LINK – The Wetmore Formula

With fall in the air and the cross country season in full swing, this week’s recommended link is a long read, but one that we highly recommend. Written byJonathan Gault and published on, the Wetmore formula is a comprehensive look at the most successful active cross country couch in the NCAA system.

Wetmore has coached 4 NCAA winning men’s programs and 2 women’s. He has coached some of the fastest distance runners in American history (Dathan Ritzenheim and Emma Coburn) and he currently coaches arguably the most successful active female distance runner in North America, and the top 1500m runner on the planet; Jenny Simpson.

This article takes a long look at why Wetmore is so successful, and features some key principles that we, at M2M, follow religiously.

Furthermore, if you are still interested in Wetmore after reading this article, we highly recommend picking up a copy of Running with the Buffaloes. The book by Chris Lear follows Wetmore and his Colorado Buffaloes over the 1998 Cross Country season. It is an amazing story, and Lear could not have picked a more dramatic year to have covered this incredible program.

TRAINING TIP – Running Easy

M2M coach Mike, has just wrapped up a long season on the bike, and due to his busy schedule of races and training, did not run a step for the first 10 months of the year (well he may have ran through a few terminals in a desperate attempt to catch a plane), however he has since started running this past week. His first week of mileage after not running for such a significant period of time off? 55km in 5 days. Now, we don’t recommend that our athletes hit this level of mileage when they start back up from a long period of time off, however, Mike managed to do this without sustaining any injuries; the key; running easy.

Although Mike’s level of fitness far exceeded the speeds at which he ran, Mike swallowed his pride and let other runners blitz past him, knowing full well, if he ran at a pace that matched his aerobic ability, he would likely be making a stop at an x-ray machine at some point on his run.

This is a good lesson to all M2M’rs that, on your off days, or especially when coming back from an injury, it is pivotal that you keep your ego in check, and let how your body is feeling dictate your pace.