20150919_102712“Mile2Marathon coaching service is awesome and effective! In less than a year, Coach Dylan Wykes has helped me to achieve major milestones and personal breakthrough in my brief three years of running. While being a full time health care professional, a new father and a graduate student, Mile2Marathon coaching service has enabled me to train at my fullest potential.  The training plans prescribed by Coach Dylan are truly tailored made to one’s ability and schedule.  One significant achievement  I made this Spring was running the Vancouver BMO 2014 full marathon at 2:58:06, a personal best of 14:30min, Top 70s, and Boston qualified.  I look forward to continue working with Coach Dylan in attaining more running goals we’ve set together and completing the Boston Marathon in 2015.” Vicar Li (Vicar has since gone on to run 2:53 at the 2015 Boston Marathon!)


“When I started training with Mike, I was consistently underperforming in races. I had reached a plateau, and no amount of running seemed to break me out of it. This was all happening to the point where my motivation levels were starting to decline, and I was considering dropping running.

The first time I talked to Mike, he asked insightful questions about me, my training style, and my motivation. I was impressed that runphotohe made the entire conversation about me, and my challenges. In a very short amount of time, he was able to figure out what was holding me back. When I started training with him, everything changed. I made huge improvements with my biomechanics, my energy levels returned, and best of all, I started loving running again. In the first 8 months I trained with him, I shattered every one of my personal best race times that I held up to that point.

As I continue to train with Mike, I am always pleased with his ability to make time for me, and to listen to what my goals and struggles are. My training plan is highly customized to fit my lifestyle, my goals, and my abilities. I feel that at this point in my life I am a much better runner and athlete than I have ever been, and I feel ready to break all my PBs all over again. This is due in no small amount to Mike guidance and encouragement over the last 3 years.” Andrew Leikucs


image2“I have been training with Mile2Marathon for two years. After competing at the collegiate level in Track and having had many injuries, Mile2Marathon coached me from barely wanting to run to pursuing the US Olympic Qualifying Standard. I chose Mile2Marathon coaching because I knew about their coaches’ experience, but I was surprised to find their knowledge of nutrition, how personalized their training programs were and how accessible they were to discuss and adapt programs according to hiccups. Mile2Marathon coaching helped me fall in love with running again and I would recommend them to anyone!” Danelle Beeson



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