Current training times:

Vancouver –  Tuesday’s

Join us for our Tuesday Night’R(un) – 6.15pm at the Sunset Beach Concession (1024 Beach Ave). This is a fun, free, social run for all paces and abilities. We have pace groups for sub sub 5:00/k, 5:30/k, 6:00/k and slower. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or ability. A great opportunity to socialize with some great people during and afterwards. We are exploring the beauty of Vancouver and the trails of Stanley Park.

We are also offering structured tempo runs through the fall season. The workouts will range from 4-8k of tempo running, with 2k warmup and 2k cooldown. Same location as the Tuesday Night’R(un) – Sunset Beach Concession. Everyone is welcome to do these workouts. Arrive 10minutes early (6:05pm) for instructions on the workout. Their is a $5 drop-in fee to join the tempo workouts.

Saturday Speed Workouts: For the fall season our locations will vary from week to week, between Point Grey Track, Stanley Park (meeting at 2nd Beach Concession), and Jericho Beach Park. Please check our Facebook Page or Instagram for more info or sign-up for our Newsletter for weekly updates.


Ottawa –  Saturday’s at 7:30am, The Dominion Arboretum (off Prince of Wales Drive). This a structured workout.

All are welcome regardless of experience or ability. Structured workouts involve a warmup jog, followed by technique drills and activation exercises designed to develop proper running technique and help injury prevention. The running workouts themselves vary from week to week, check our Facebook Page or Instagram for more info. If you have any questions please contact us.


One thought on “Training Times & Locations

  1. Hi Dylan,
    It was so nice seeing you and very fast forks this morning! I had such a great time having a truck workout with you although i was way behind. Having fun is the most priority for me:) I am sure Alan is going to beat me at longest 5km but again, I’ll enjoy the run! I hope Sasha will get offered a spot at my work (UBC infant centre called Coho) so I can take care of her:)
    See you soon again.
    Thanks a lot!

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